The World of Samsung

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Samsung is a highly diversified South Korean company that started out as a small export business. It is known for its mobile phones, home appliances, finance, and semiconductors. It also has business interests in fashion, finance, medicine, construction, petrochemicals, medicine, and hotels.

Over the years, Samsung has enjoyed success with incredible milestone events especially starting in 2001. This was the beginning of the boom years for Samsung for the general public as their consumer products became more interesting, competitive, and digitally advanced.

Samsung Milestones Over The Years

In 2001, Samsung introduced the first Ultra-Slim handset and developed the first 40 inch TFT-LCD at a time when most display screen sizes where maximum of 20 to 30 inches. The following, Samsung pushed forward with a 54 inch TFT LCD display making it the largest digital TV in the world and launched the slimmest PDP-TV.

By 2004, Samsung mobile phones were becoming very popular and the company sold over 20 million in the United States alone, was number one in mobile phone sales in Russia, and introduced the first 60 nano 8 GB NAND Flash memory chip. In 2005, Samsung was applauded as the 27th most admired companies in the world. It was the same year Samsung launched the first 7 mega pixel camera phone and the first speech recognition phone. Today, Samsung smartphones can access any information on the web from stock market prices to houses for sale in Rustenburg.

In 2009, the company really began to pick up speed with its innovative Samsung milestones with developments in digital technology with a hybrid digital camera, solar-powered phone, the thinnest Blu-ray player, the first 64 GB SSD full HD camcorder, its first full-touch screen mobile phone, and the first infrared video phone in the world, among several other achievements.

Then in 2010, the product launches of Samsung seriously began to threaten the business of other companies like Apple and HTC. Some of these products were:

  • Galaxy Tab, WAVE and OMNIA 7 smartphone
  • The world’s first 3D home theater system
  • And an aggressive worldwide outreach program based on greening and protecting the environment as well as sponsorships to major events like the 2010 Singapore Olympic Games

Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important with countries in Africa experiencing rapid growth. Many user’s first experience of the Internet is through a mobile device, which is where solutions like Shopify with their out of the box responsive design become very important.

Samsung and Apple: What’s Happening?

One of the reasons for the success of Samsung is Apple and one of the reasons for the success of Apple is Samsung. Samsung was the supplier of memory chips and processors for Apple for many years. The problems between the 2 companies began when Samsung released its smartphones. Apple was furious and filed lawsuits while beginning a massive search for a new supplier for their screens and flash memory chips.

Unfortunately, Apple has not found a good supplier to replace Samsung and has reported glitches with companies like the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. With limited choices in component suppliers, Apple still has to depend on Samsung – a relationship that is fraught with conflict and mistrust

To complicate matters, Apple was in negotiations with Sharp to supply them with screens but in 2012, Samsung bought a 3% share in Sharp making Samsung the 5th largest shareholder of Sharp.